Monday, 23 June 2008

Weather Forecasts

Yesterday (Saturday) I had to decide whether to spend my Sunday undertaking work to the floor of the kitchen in FatBigot Towers or decamp to Essex to assist my brother-in-law in the construction of a shiny new edifice, to wit, a garden shed.

Research was required in light of the unfortunate amount of weather that has been around in the last few days. The verdict of the experts was clear, there was a consensus, rain would fall. Shed was cancelled and kitchen floor moved to top of to-do list.

Sunday was a gloriously sunny day with nary a cloud to besmirch the blue heavens.

No doubt this unexpected hot spell will be seized upon as evidence of the omniscience of St Al of

Being just a simple fellow I find myself compelled to ask how St Al is able to tell us what the weather will be like for the next thousand years when our local weather forecasters cannot predict 24 hours ahead.

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