Monday, 16 June 2008

We must stop this evil

This evening Turkey played another country at Association Football and won 3-2, having been 2-0 down with just a few minutes to go. They have qualified to go through to the next round of the European Nations Cup, or some such tournament. It really was a splendid game and TheFatBigot is delighted that the native country of many of his neighbours was successful.

But oh dear, this is a big big oh dear ...

Why do they have to drive around honking their car horns until after midnight?

The road outside FatBigot Towers was blocked by cars whose drivers, even after parking so that they could join their friends in celebration, remained seated and honking. Buses disgorged their occupants in south Islington for fear of unpleasantness and passed by at less than walking pace. The crowd outside the pizza shop was enormous, thus impeding some of the most vital traffic in London - the delivery chaps on their mopeds who scuttle hither and yon supplying high-cholesterol sustenance to those in need of clogged arteries.

Here in FatBigot Towers there is a desire to open the living room window on warm evenings to allow fresh London air to mix with the ciggy smoke, but the noise became so bad I couldn't hear the golf commentary on the telly. It really was too much.

And it's not just the Turks, on the rare occasions Arsenal win something it's even worse. Not worse in terms of numbers of cars. Not worse in terms of volume of car horns honking. But much worse in that Arsenal supporters in motor cars seem to take four-sevenths of their team's name too literally and expose their largest muscles through every available car window.

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