Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Goodbye Michael Foot

So, Michael Foot is no more, gone at the age of 96. Proof that the old saying "the good die young" gives only half the story.

Reports of his death contain gushing tributes to a "man of principle" who was "true to his beliefs" and a "magnificent orator". I can't read stuff like that without wanting to bring up my dinner. Nick Griffin is a man of principle, David Koresh was true to his beliefs and Mussolini was great at stirring up a crowd, yet they are or were despicable pieces of filth who deserve nothing but condemnation for the dire effects of their principles, beliefs and oratory on other people.

Having misguided principles is not something to be lauded, sticking with them when they have been exposed to be not just flawed but dangerous is the sign of a stubborn bigot and being good about proclaiming them to the world is nothing other than the ability to show yourself to be an idiot to a wide audience.

Foot not only supported but fought for all the things that brought the UK to its knees by 1979. A fervent advocate of nationalisation, massively high taxes, limitless unions power and the destruction of our ability to defend ourselves, he epitomised the recipe for bankruptcy that our current government has fought so hard to emulate. The man's judgment could not have been more flawed. When the failure of socialist economies was brought to his attention he stood his ground like a religious zealot and argued that they hadn't done it properly ... none of them, even though every one had his support. It was like listening to a particularly stupid student union politico. He supported every major pro-soviet and anti-British movement, relentless in his pursuit of socialist dictatorship. Facts never got in the way, they never do with those who can't see beyond the hem of their donkey jacket.

Perhaps it is a little unfair of me to compare him to Griffin, Koresh and Mussolini. Support for the BNP has increased under Griffin's leadership, Labour's support was never lower than under Foot. Koresh's charisma seemed to keep the women happy, Foot kept no one happy. As for Mussolini? Well, there was absolutely no chance of the trains running on time under a Foot government.

Michael Foot was a naive failure.


Anonymous said...

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum... but you are absolutely right. Amusing to hear the beeb praising his skills as a communicator - luckily, they were not coupled with any great powers of persuasion.

Anonymous said...

What a great, balanced post.

Where would we be were it not for our privatised "public services", tax loopholes, shocking treatment of employees by multinationals and the government, banker-created recession, and wars on several fronts?

History will tell that Michael Foot was a great man. It's a shame you can't see beyond your own Conservative prejudices and acknowledge any of that.