Thursday, 13 August 2009

Why I'm no longer here

Those nice fellows Messrs Pogo and Wadsworth have kindly expressed concern for my wellbeing, so I will endeavour to put their minds at rest and explain why I decided to stop blogging.

True though it is that I have a dicky ticker, failing liver and still-swollen leg, I haven't felt so hale and hearty for years.

I decided to stop because I feel I have said everything I have to say and am not prepared to repeat myself continually in order to keep the blog alive.

Being primarily an essay blogger rather than a provider of snappy short comments or data, there are only so many topics you can cover before engaging in pretty dull repetition. I drafted many pieces over the last few weeks but didn't publish them because the points I was making had already been made, sometimes more than once. It was enormously frustrating and I knew it was time to say "thank you and goodbye".

The writing has been on the wall for a while, hence the fall-off in the number of postings over the last few months. I could keep the blog open and post every now and then when something novel or unusual happens in politics, the economy or the law, but that isn't consistent with what this blog has been and I wouldn't find it satisfactory. I can still make any points I really want to in comments elsewhere.

It has been a wonderful experience and has helped me develop my thoughts on a wide range of subjects. It has also been hugely flattering to know that people deliberately visited to read what I had to say and were prepared to spend their time debating points I had made. But when it's time to stop it's time to stop. And now it's time to stop.